September 2017

Life is Beautiful Festival - Las Vegas
Downtown Las Vegas

Opens September 22, 2017
Runs through September 24, 2017

The Life is Beautiful festival is a 3-day multmedia event that features an incredible line up of musicians, and artists like myself, Mark Ryden, Joe Sorren, the Gorillaz, and more! Taking place in Downtown Las Vegas, Life is Beautiful festival is a celebration, uniting people who love music, art, food and ideas. Experience the stages, dance to the music, hear stories, try the food, hug a new friend, explore the art and meet people who will change your life.

Join us at the Life is Beautiful festival for a wonderful selection of limited edition prints, rock posters, screen prints, pins and buttons, stickers, postcards, and more.

3-Day GA tickets are currently sold out, but you can purchase Single Day tickets starting Thursday, May 4th at 10AM PST here.

2nd Oddities Flea Market
Brooklyn Bazaar

Opens September 30, 2017 (Reception 12PM)
Runs through October 01, 2017

You will find Tara McPherson and the Cotton Candy Machine attending the most curious event in NYC!

Following the overwhelming success of the first Oddities Market, Ryan Matthew Cohn is returning to the Brooklyn Bazaar for the 2nd Oddities Flea Market hosted by Ryan Matthew Cohn and in partnership with Atlas Obscura. Inside, you’ll find a wonderful assemblage of vendors bringing you all sorts of peculiar items. Feast your eyes on medical history ephemera, anatomical curiosities, natural history items, osteological specimens, taxidermy, jewelry, one-of-a-kind art, bizarre flair, and much more.

This event features 42 incredible vendors, the doors open to the public at 12 p.m., you can pursue as long as you wish on both days until 6 p.m.

Brooklyn Bazaar also has a plethora of amazing offerings. Our event will feature three floors of vendors-with an expanded lower floor, Golden Brown’s restaurant, two ATMs on site, and three bars with specialty drinks!
2nd Oddities Flea Market

October 2017

Dorothy Circus Gallery 10th Anniversary in Rome
Dorothy Circus Gallery

Opens October 01, 2017

After an intense and satisfying course of ten wonderful years, Dorothy Circus Gallery has finally reached its tenth birthday that will fall in October 2017. For this unique occasion, Dorothy Circus Gallery will present two great group exhibitions, one in Rome, the other in London, were international, new and usual artists will set up an astonishing pop-surreal party paving the way for a brilliant course of future projects.

A few of the featured artists in the exhibition alongside Tara McPherson include Adam Wallacavage, Gary Baseman, Miss Van, Naoto Hattori, and more!

Details for the exhibition to follow.
Dorothy Circus Gallery 10th Anniversary in Rome

November 2017

Jonathan LeVine Gallery

Opens November 18, 2017
Runs through December 16, 2017

 Solo Exhibition